• Working Hours: Mon-Fri: 8:00am – 5:00pm

    Network Cabling

    At Avent TG we design and implement all cabling installations to meet or exceed current industry standards and specifications.
    Our field technicians have an in-depth connectivity knowledge and are fully trained in a wide variety of cabling formats, including Category 5e and 6 cabling.

    Avent TG also offers fibre optic backbone installation including single mode and multimode ST and SC terminations.

    All of our work adheres to EIA/TIA-568, -569 and BICSI design standards.

    Our network cabling expertise includes:

    • CAT 3
    • CAT 5e CAT 6 "Gigaspeed"
    • RG 6 and RG 59 Coax
    • Security and CCTV Cabling
    • 2-2000 pair copper backbone
    • Fibre optic backbone-single and multimode cabling
    • Cabling testing (our installations will always meet or exceed specification requirements)