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    Residential Systems

    Home security

    Home security can range from a simple alarm system to advanced video surveillance. We have relationships with companies around the country who offer 24/7 security monitoring. We offer this service to our customers at a price well below some of the big names in security. We can setup indoor and outdoor camera systems that will play on security monitors or through any TV in your house. These same images can be broadcast over the internet so you can keep an eye on you home, even when you're away.

    Home office networks

    With most homes and small business going to high-speed internet connections, there is a need for a single point of network entry. A local area network allows for multiple systems to share the same connection, eliminating the need for multiple phone lines and modems, which are very costly. It also increases speed and allows files, printers and scanners to be shared which, in turn, increases productivity.

    keeping loved ones secure

    Distributed audio/video

    Distributed audio allows for a single system to fill an entire home with sound. Furthermore, each room can play different music at the same time without additional systems. Each room has independent control through a simple, yet elegant, wall mounted volume control. Distributed video is a similar technology which allows you to share the signal from a video source (DVD, Satellite, VCR, etc.) with all the televisions in the house. This prevents having to put costly components with each television, but you still get all of the functionality.

    Home theatre

    Home Theatre is by no means a new concept, and more considered a luxury than a necessity. We offer services to setup advanced home theatre systems. We can give our customers an experience that surpasses the audio and video of a movie theatre, right in the luxury of their home. With rapid advancements in digital audio, along with the penetration of high-definition television, this market is becoming extremely popular.

    remote home security system

    Telephone systems

    Intercom systems allow easy communication throughout the home. For those who do not want to spend the money on an elaborate distributed audio system this is another alternative for piping music into different rooms around the house. Advanced telephony systems are becoming more popular with the increase in at-home workers. Having a multi-line phone system for your home office allows you to keep work from interfering with your home phone system.

    Environmental Monitoring

    Knowing your home is being monitored for temperature, water leaks, power outages, smoke, water pressure, as well as many other conditions that can destroy it is just one way to give you peace of mind. Knowing your home will call you if an alarm condition exist, is another.

    Controlled lighting

    Advanced lighting controls allow the homeowner to control multiple rooms from the touch of a button. Different lighting scenes can be configured and stored in multiple locations around the house. They can be controlled by atomic clocks and configured to randomly or precisely mimic the normal lighting patterns of the family. Not only is this convenient, it offers a great security feature for a family while away from home.

    remote home security diagram