• Working Hours: Mon-Fri: 8:00am – 5:00pm

    System Design

    As part of successful system design Avent TG will do a comprehensive initial assessment of your network cabling needs (copper, fiber optic or wireless) at no cost to you.
    We may make several site visits, survey the situation in detail and thoroughly assess all system requirements. By performing a comprehensive Needs Analysis, we can determine from the very beginning, exactly what needs to be in place, the most effective way to connect all system components, and what steps must be taken to make sure upgrading and expansion are as easy as possible.

    On larger projects, our design experts will prepare an extensive schematic of the proposed network cabling system, illustrating clearly that all connectivity needs are met.

    We look at the big picture your LAN, WAN and telecom systems - to determine your specific data cabling needs.

    During the design phase, of course, we take into account all construction elements, and, in the case of new construction, the cabling design is coordinated with the building plan. We work closely with architects, electrical engineers, general contractors, electricians, phone system vendors, furniture vendors and others.

    All of our work adheres to EIA/TIA-568, -569 and BICSI design standards.